Endra Wayside

Halfling Rogue



  • AGE: 24
  • HEIGHT: 2’9’’
  • WEIGHT: 37 lbs.
  • EYES: Lavender
  • SKIN: Pale with freckles
  • HAIR: Red and wavy


  • STRENGHT: 13 MOD: +1
  • DEXTERITY: 20 MOD: +5
  • WISDOM: 13 MOD: +1
  • CHARISMA: 15 MOD: +2


  • Light Armor
  • Simple Weapons
  • Hand Crossbow
  • Long sword
  • Rapier
  • Short sword
  • Thieve’s Tools: Bonus x2
  • Dexterity Saving Throws
  • Intelligence Saving Throws


  • Stealth
  • Athletics
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Deception
  • Perception
  • Persuasion
  • Disguise Kit
  • Forgery Kit


  • LUCKY: Natural one rolls can be re-rolled on any Attack, Saving Throws, and Ability Checks
  • BRAVE: Advantage on Saving Throws against fright effects
  • NIMBLE: Can move through a space occupied by creatures that are larger in size
  • STEALTHY: Can attempt to hide even when obscured only by a creature that is one size larger


  • BURGLARS PACK: 1000 ball bearings, 10’ string, bell, 5 candles, crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons, hooded lantern, 2 flasks of oil, 5 days rations, tinderbox, waterskin, 50’ hempen rope.
  • SCAM TOOLS: 10 Fascinating looking bobbles that are virtually useless

Endra Wayside, a roguish halfling, whose tomfoolery, trickery, and skill of theft is her pride and joy. She is almost always in the mood for a hardy laugh and a good practical joke, even sometimes at her own expense. Fearless in nature and a masterful prowess in the art of thievery, actions have always spoken more loudly than boasts in her eyes. Even so, she can never pass up a challenge when her courage is in question, nor turn down the opportunity to send a slaver to an early grave. Not without morals, Endra will never target the needy with her street-schemes. She will sometimes even go out of her way to help a complete stranger if she feels it right to do so. (Or if there is mutual gain from the venture). Sometimes the promise of adventure is enough to pique her interests. However she is not one for planning, often letting fate guide her path or improvising on the spot. She almost never follows a plan she didn’t have a hand in making or never liked to begin with. Her antics can get her into quite a bit of trouble, but has always relied on her cunning and wit to worm her way out of a sticky situation. After-all, she would rather make a fierce new friend than an even fiercer enemy.

However, Endra is not as joyful and carefree as she seems. Even those that would consider her a friend can only being to guess at her past. The only thing that is widely known is that she was not always this pleasant and her past is a sore subject that she is never in the mood to talk about. All she will reveal is that her life was altogether different than the life she now leads.

Her most hated of foes are trolls and goblins, and of course any who’s profession falls under the deal and trade of slave-work.

Her goals are to find Ryel, a young boy that she had taken care of in previous years, longing to mend their bond.

She can be quite cheerful, independent, and free-spirited, but she longs for a lover of equally joyful heart. Even though see has mastered the art of scams and trickery, even the heart can be swooned and swindled. She is a fool for big blue eyes and those who value cunning and intellect over brute strength, traits she finds quite irresistible.

Endra Wayside

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